What We Do

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What We Do

Nigeria Young Farmers Network enables members to:

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Our Objectives

At NYFN, our objectives are inclined to critical areas.

Result Area 1

Public Enlightenment and Education on Modern Agriculture: Rebranding Agriculture through strategic communication and awareness. Knowledge driven engagement. Build partnerships for educational and capacity building; farmers, youth and women trained in sustainable agricultural practices, technologies and enterprise models, both on and off farm,in the communities. Communities and interests will be trained based on identified gaps and inefficiencies.

Result Area 2

Big Data: Generate Verifiable, Measurable and Reliable integrated AgroData through an all-inclusive bottom-top approach. Big data provides everyone granular data on every value chain and cross-cutting services, rainfall patterns, water cycles, fertilizer requirements, and more. This enables everyone to make smart decisions, such as what crops to plant for better profitability, when to harvest what services are required etc. The right decisions ultimately improve farm yields and enhances socio-economic livelihood

Result Area 3

Establish a working enterprise model for sustainable agricultural technologies and global best practices for local adaptations. Agribusiness generates adequate incomes to manage its overheads and enterprise cost to demonstrate business viability.

Result Area 4

Facilitate on-farm and off-farm integration with viable enterprises based on investment demand and performance.

Result Area 5

Facilitate active involvement of relevant stakeholders at the institutional, corporate and household levels including involvement of the local population especially youth and women so as to extend the direct benefits of the structures and functionalities of the integrated ecosystem to immediate society and beyond.

Result Area 6

Facilitate support services in sustainable resource management through agri-tourism.

Result Area 7

Build formidable relationships, partnerships, collaboration and socio-economic cooperation among young people.