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About us

The Nigeria Young Farmers Network (NYFN) was founded in 2014 and it brings together a diverse range of people who are united by their passion for progression and commitment to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic development through Agriculture.

The NYFN is a strong and vibrant community of partners who through their strategic engagements, investments and influence, foster shared prosperity in Nigeria.

The NYFN primarily seeks to build and continuously develop a learning community for young Nigerians and social investors through educational programs and match-making services, so as to inform and enhance the development impact of their activities.

Get Involved

People are experiencing desperate, life-threatening situations around the world, there is so much you can do just by making information and opportunities available to the most vulnerable in our societies. From sideline support, to administrative support, donating, volunteering and more, there are many ways you can help.


To raise a Generation of young people that are Empowered, Motivated & Stirred to Operate with Natural Excellence through Agriculture. These exemplary leaders of excellence (at every age and every stage) are committed and involved with the process of national transformation through agriculture.


To unleash the potential of Nigeria through youth engagement in modern Agriculture


G – Gather: information, people, data, resources, stakeholders, tools, research, innovation.
E – Equip: Equip with knowledge, training, capacity development, technology, tools, machinery, investment, finance, relevant linkages, support services.
A – Activate: provide visibility, promote, traction, connect, stabilize.
R – Release: Release for increase. Push forward to empower others.


Discover Events that strengthen the links between the members of our Network and opportunities to learn Agrobusiness in the 21st Century.

Why Join Nigeria Young Farmers Network?

Fight Unemployment

Tackling unemployment and underemployment in a rapidly changing Economy is a necessity and Agriculture presents an opportunity.

Understand Modern Agriculture

Agriculture is not just the "Farming" that comes to mind when you hear the word. There are best practises, Mechanization and Agribusiness.

Agricultural Support groups

NYFN Social network allows you increase your knowledge on Modern Agriculture while spending time on a platform that truly serves.

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