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    The Nigeria Young Farmers Network (NYFN) was founded in 2014 and it brings together a diverse range of people who are united by their passion for progression and commitment to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic development through Agriculture. The NYFN is a strong and vibrant community of partners who through their strategic engagements, investments and influence, foster shared prosperity in Nigeria. The NYFN primarily seeks to build and continuously develop a learning community for young Nigerians and social investors through educational programs and match-making service

  • Programs & Initiatives
    Programs & Initiatives

    How We Work Flagship program initiatives NYFN Women has developed a series of flagship programmes to deepen its efforts and achieve transformative results. These high-impact, scalable initiatives build on and supplement NYFN Women’s ongoing programming work. Using a human-rights-based approach focused on strengthening the voice of women and girls in Agriculture, they seek to remove structural barriers to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the sector. Programs/Initiatives 1. Raise A Million Women Farmers (a deliverable of NYFN Raise A Million Farmers project) 2. NYFN Women Training Centre 3. Rural Rugged Women Farmers initiative 4. Adopt-A-Woman-in-Agriculture program 5. Nurture the Future initiative (a deliverable of NYFN Schools program) 6. Farmily Market Konnect 7. Movement for the Advancement of Women in Agriculture (MOWA) Annual program for advocacy and support

  • The Ideas In Reality
    The Ideas In Reality

    Innovation and Technology Innovation and technology provide unprecedented opportunities to break trends and reach those who are the most likely to be left behind. This is why NYFN Women has prioritized innovation technology as one of the “drivers of change” within its Strategic Plan Inter-governmental Support In local and international intergovernmental forums NYFN Women come together to debate and seek agreement on global gender equality norms and standards for the Agricultural Sector. NYFN Women System Coordination When different parts of the nationwide system act together, they can deliver greater results—and maximize the use of scarce resources. Within the NYFN system, NYFN Women is mandated to lead, promote and coordinate efforts to advance the full realization of women’s rights and opportunities in Agriculture. Gender Parity in NYFN As a standard-setting organization, the Nigeria Young Farmers Network (NYFN) has a particular responsibility to lead by example in ensuring the equal and active participation of women at all levels of the NYFN system. This is also necessary for integrating a gendered perspective into NYFN policies and programmes.