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Assurance In Agriculture

Assurance In Agriculture

The crude oil situation in Nigeria is a story that may not end very well if we take too many wrong steps, one of which is completely living off the proceeds of petroleum products.

For decades, crude has been the mainstay of Nigeria’s economic growth, and while that is just fantastic, I hope everyone has seen these statistics.


Colombia, the United Kingdom and the US which have approximately six (6), eight (8) and ten (10) years of crude production left at the current rate.

This is frightening statistics, but it goes on to prove that no natural resource might be truly infinite, unless it’s a resource that is reproductive, one that is constantly being made to multiply itself, and the most reliable category of such resources are EXCLUSIVE found in agriculture.

Agriculture is like money doubling (do not feel superstitious just yet); it’s why you may not know any farm produce that ever ran out of cultivation or faced a risk of imminent extinction; Instead, there is an increase in variants of existing crop plants and other agricultural products, thanks to genetic engineering.

Agriculture is a surefire economic thriller because no one alive can say they do not consume at least 4 farm produces weekly.

No one!!!

The Nigerian nation has clawed hungrily at crude oil like peasants tear away at an overpriced bread on a hungry weekend, and the proceeds of this crude oil is barely ever satisfactorily distributed.

Agriculture alone can solve a chunky part of this problem, and it is literally inexhaustible: you cannot farm “too much.” Invest in agriculture today for impressive ROIs and other unquestionable financial opportunities. With our network of farmers and consumer businesses, you cannot go wrong. As long as 208 million people live, breathe, eat and drink, your investment is guaranteed.

That is the assurance in agriculture.

Excerpts from the book: Boom from Doom: Agriculture and the non oil economy.

Written by: Promise Amahah (Director General Nigeria Young Farmers Network & CEO Mainstay Agro)

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